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Lam Chun Sing

Lam Chun Sing Master Lam Chun Sing was born in 1952 and he is the youngest son of grandmaster Lam Cho. Master Lam Chun Sing began studying gung fu and dit da (one of the branches of traditional chinese medicine) in very early age his father being his tutor. His everyday training was strict led by his legendary father. Thanks to his talent and years of hard, sometimes even cruel training together with discipline helped him develop quickly and reach mastership. As a young lad he assisted his father during trainings and also helped him with treating the patients.

In 1973 he opened his own school and clinic, but after short time he had to close it due to his personal businesses. In the year 1975 he came back to the school of his legendary father, where they together continue to teach gung fu and practice medicine. He changed the title of the school from "Lam Sai Wing's gymnasium" to "Lam Cho's gymnasium". Later master Lam Chun Sing takes the position after his father as the main instructor of the school.

Chun Sing        

Master Lam Chun Sing is an extraordinary teacher, thanks to his more than 30 years experience he manages to thoroughly and precisely teach his students his art and to encourage them to further practise by his own example.

Master teaches his students in several countries of the world (Great Britain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and USA) who invite him to lead seminars and private lectures.

Chun Sing Gymnasium
Lam Chun Sing clinic and school in Samjan in China